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Adult Sunday School

“Revelation Verse by Verse with Stephen Armstrong”


facilitated by Jeff Meyer


 Sermon Series—Calvary Baptist Church, Stafford, KS

“Challenged to Respond to Jesus: The Gospel of Luke.”

PART #2— “Preparation for Ministry”

Sunday, January 28— “Prepare the Way”—Luke 3:1-14

Our hearts must be open and ready to receive and grow in God’s salvation offered through Jesus Christ.


Sunday, February 4— “The Endorsement”—Luke 3:15-38

We must respond to, know and follow Jesus as the only One who can rightfully judge and mercifully save us.


Sunday, February 11— “A Challenge to Faithfulness”—

Luke 4:1-13— Temptations challenge our faithfulness so that we must deny ourselves with loyalty to God and His Word.


PART #3— “Early Ministry in Galilee”

Sunday, February 18— “God’s Offer”—Luke 4:14-30

God’s offer is the promised and anointed Messiah who proclaimed and accomplished our deliverance.


Sunday, February 25— “Christ-like Ministry”—Luke 4:31-44

Christ-like devotion and compassion must characterize and motivate our ministry for Him.


Sunday, March 3— “His Call”—Luke 5:1-11; 27-32

Christ’s call transforms us to be used of God for the spread of His message.


Sunday, March 10— “ABC’s of Faith”—Luke 5:12-26

Our faith is in the One who has the authority and compassion to liberate us from sin and self.


Sunday, March 17— “A New Era”—Luke 5:27-6:5

With God’s authority and grace, Jesus Christ calls us into a new era of submission to Him and His Word.


Sunday, March 24— “Meeting Opposition”—Luke 6:6-16

We must meet increasing opposition together with God’s love in service to God’s truth.


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