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Adult Sunday School

Beginning September 20

Quick Shots by Warner Wallace

In Quick Shots, cold-case homicide detective J. Warner Wallace offers brief answers to common objections to the Christian worldview.
with Jeff Meyer in the Fellowship Hall

Summary of Nehemiah Series


“The Book of Nehemiah: The Faith and Work of Remembering, Rebuilding and Redemption.” SUMMER 2020

  1. “Nehemiah’s Faith”—Nehemiah 1

The faithful respond well with prayer, trust and action.  


  1. “God’s Vision”—Nehemiah 2 and 3

Individually and together, we can depend on God and His grace to live in and live out the POWER of the Gospel!


  1. “Opposition”—Nehemiah 4

Face opposition with a decisive determination to trust in God and continue in His work!


  1. “Oppression in the Community”—Nehemiah 5

Confront self-centered oppression with selfless sacrifice!


  1. “We Can Overcome”—Nehemiah 6 and 7

Because of Jesus Christ, we can walk closely with God, trust in God’s promises and remain faithful in God’s work.


  1. “A Revival”—Nehemiah 8

By God’s grace, a shared passion for and submission to God’s Word will characterize a revival among us.


  1. “A Renewed Commitment”—Nehemiah 9 and 10

A renewed need and appreciation for God leads to a renewed commitment to God.


  1. “God’s Community”—Nehemiah 11:1-12:43

As God’s people, we must come and work together as God’s community to serve and worship Him!


  1. “Lasting Spiritual Revival and Growth”—

Nehemiah 12:44-13:31

Lasting spiritual revival and growth occurs with the persistent choice and courage to obey God and His Word.

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