Child Care

is provided for children from

birth through age 2

in the room north of the Sanctuary

during the worship service

11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Please Check the Door of the Nursery for any changes
January 6 Tiana Wendelburg Kaley Conant
January 13 Allie Wendelburg Ruthann Spare
January 20 Cami Raines Jayce Hildebrand
January 27 Linda Delp Elijah Delp
February 3 Tiana Wendelburg Gail Woodward
February 10 Kathie Spare Felicia Norton
February 17 Mary Hildebrand Calista Holmes
February 24 Rozanne Holmes Jayce Hildebrand
March 3 Kaley Conant Keva Britton
March 10 Cami Raines Jayce Hildebrand
March 17 Elizabeth Fitch Hannah Simmons
March 24 Ruthann Spare Olivia Hildebrand
March 31 Deb Spare Bernie Spare
April 7 Cindy Allen Felicia Norton
April 14 Becky Thrasher Vangie Wendelburg
April 21 Cami Raines Kathie Spare
April 28 Rhonda Huggard Josh Hildebrand
May 5 Laurie Zink Ethan Hildebrand
May 12 Rozanne Holmes Hannah Simmons
May 19 Elizabeth Fitch Tai Hildebrand
May 26 Linda Delp Keva Britton
June 2 Allie Wendelburg Olivia Hildebrand
June 9 Cindy Allen Mary Hildebrand
June 16 Gail Woodward Lora Eisenhour
June 23 Suzanne Hildebrand Heidi Eisenhour
June 30 Rhonda Huggard Hannah Simmons