To Do List


 1. If you haven’t already, sign up on appointment sheet for Meeting Mike. (front bulletin board)
2. Pick up a Spiritual Gifts List/Survey (north table) if you did not pick one up in Sunday school.  
   This is a helpful and interesting tool for your church ministry.
3. Sign up to work at the Food Bank in March.
4. Pick up an Update Contact Information Form, fill it out, and put it in the red basket. (front table).
    If you have already done this – Thanks!
5. Dream Big – What would you like to see happen in our church? Paper is provided for you to share
    your vision, and put it in the Dream Box. (north table)
6. Ladies – Please consider getting involved in the program “Strong Women of Faith” at CBC April 4.
    There   are sign-up sheets for helpers on the front bulletin board.


Thanks for being part of our church ministry.